Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Firefox OS for Mobiles

Mozilla which changed all browsing experience has now come up with a smartphone operating system Firefox OS. Firefox is a open operating system developed using HTML 5 and other open Web standards.

Firefox OS

This operating system comes with an Adaptive App Search and they name the phone 'Adaptive Phone' on installing the Firefox OS. Firefox OS is always changing to give the exact apps you need at the moment in your life. Through the Adaptive App Search we can type a word we are interested in and we'll get the App we require. Like Google Play Store in Android, Firefox has come up with Firefox Marketplace.

firefox os screens

Firefox OS also includes the Firefox browser which is fast, smart and safe for the use of Web. Latest Firefox browser is included in the Firefox OS. Check out the latest Firefox browser Firefox 23 beta.

firefox os apps

Firefox OS is deeply integrated with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can have Facebook and twitter updates from any where with this OS.

We can import the contacts directly from Facebook and share updates instantly.

firefox os contacts

Firefox OS has included some built in style filters to make your photo beautiful and more creative after taking the photos on the go.

The OS comes with a great Music and FM Player from where we can listen favorite songs, artists, albums and radio stations.

firefox os music

The built in Map App helps to locate directions, traffic and local transit information.

Firefox OS also includes security settings to manage passwords, history, private data, cookies, site options and add-on.

The FAQ regarding Mozilla Firefox OS is there in the Mozilla website. You can have a look at the FAQ by clicking here.


  1. Hello renjith sir

    In my system i installed firefox 23 beta and the google adsense is not showing and the private browsing feature is absent. in my opinion mozilla is making the application worse with there these kind of frequent updates. then how come there OS reliable ... wait and see...

  2. The private browsing feature is still there in firefox, but has moved to a new position. On the top of firefox window, when you click on the File Menu there is an option New Private Window. It allows you private browsing.

    1. thank you for the guidance...